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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a sales list cost?

The cost of each Premier Data Direct hotlist is based on a sliding scale according to the amount of sales leads you order. Premier Data Direct provides fresh, accurate "new mover", "new business” and "new homeowner" sales leads fast through our website 24/7. We are the exclusive site that delivers this information first. Therefore, our pricing reflects our client’s ability to beat their competition by being the first to contact new customers by mail or phone weeks and months before their competition! The price of each list is computed in real time and displayed with each count before you place an order.


When ordering, all selects are free including phone numbers, there is "no" minimum order, there is "no" multiuse charge (most companies charge 2X the cost of a single use list), and there is "no" email delivery charge. All counts are free and your Personal Account Management System is available and free from the time you register providing you access to your previous counts and orders.

In what format will my list arrive?

You can request your data be delivered in either a "fixed" format or a "CSV" format. In a "fixed-length" format, all the records in the file will be the same size. The "CSV" (comma separated value) is a text file which can be opened by any spreadsheet or editor.

What is a SAN number?

A SAN number (Subscription Account Number) is assigned by the Federal Trade Commission. By obtaining a SAN number, you will have access to Federal Do Not Call lists for each area code you register for. You may register for up to 5 area codes for free. And it allows businesses to call "consumer prospects" by phone, provided they comply with Do Not Call regulations.

Our hotlist data is so new when we update daily that the phone numbers have not hit any Do Not Call list so they can not be scrubbed at that time. There is a 31 day grace period between when a phone number is requested to be put on a Do Not Call list and when it becomes effective.

We do require our clients automatically register for a SAN number, however, so they are compliant when they order phone numbers. It is simple, takes only 5 minutes and is free. SAN numbers are valid for one year. You must renew at that time and you will receive a new SAN number.

Go to http://telemarketing.donotcall.gov/ and select "Register New Users". This site can also answer all of your other questions regarding telemarketing.

What is CASS certification?

CASS certification is designed in cooperation with the mailing industry to improve the accuracy of postal automation. CASS implies the existence of an address by validating the range of a street number. It provides a common measure by which to test the quality of address matching software and also addresses know deficiencies common across software products that require correction.

What is DPV verification?

DPV verification definitively confirms and verifies the actual street number, not just the CASS range. It also provides flags and footnotes that evaluate the quality of the data. It can be used to pinpoint an address that is missing a suffix, directional or suite to determine the correct address. Mailer use of DPV reduces the amount of undeliverable as addressed pieces, which in turn will result in more efficient postal mail processing and delivery operations.