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24/7 online count and list ordering system

Premier Data Direct provides access to cutting edge 24/7 technology that offers unparalleled speed, service and convenience all in one location. Once you purchase your marketing list our 24/7 online count and database lists ordering system delivers the fastest, most accurate and largest phone and address marketing lists of new movers, new businesses and new homeowners on the market today. The added benefits of this technology are receiving your hot pre qualified sales leads and phone lists within minutes of placing your order and the ease of a self serve platform 24/7.

personal account management system

Premier Data Direct has created a “personal account management” system exclusively for our clients in order to track their counts and orders. It is accessible 24/7 and provides saved count requests along with detailed marketing list order histories.

Consumer & Business Data Accuracy

Every listing received is scrubbed, cleaned and pre qualified through proprietary software and processes to ensure accuracy and quality of the database. This consumer or business list data is then processed and loaded into the production systems for retrieval within 24 hours! The phone generated databases are over 99% accurate as determined by outside, independent auditors, retained by the phone companies.

Our care in verifying all consumer and business data means you find more qualified customers, more quickly and more cost-effectively than any other database marketing agency!

In addition to the record retention for all databases, database activity, system software and application software, all access and billing records are backed-up daily and weekly, depending on the data items, and retained for six months. These processes are put into place to assist our customers in effectively managing their database should a disaster or corruption to the database occur that requires them to reload the entire marketing database.

List Marketing Success

Premier Data Direct provides our marketing list clients the advantage of having the most current and accurate consumer and business data first, which separates them from their competitors! In today's competitive database list marketing environment you can't afford to base your most important marketing decisions on obsolete data. Premier Data Direct believes that our success is only as great as our client's success and providing quality list data and service creates long term partnerships.

List Database Pricing

Prices are based on a sliding scale according to the list type and quantity and are available each time you do a count before you place an order.

  • no select charges
  • no multiuse charges
  • no minimum order
  • no delivery charges
  • no subscription required

Customized pricing

We offer customized pricing to our corporate clients with high volume needs. Please call us directly at our toll free number 866 537-3282 to discuss how we can provide quality data that is current, accurate and complete to meet your specific needs at customized pricing.

Geocoding Data

Geocoding is the process of finding associated geographic coordinates (expressed as latitude and longitude) from other geographic data such as street addresses or zip codes. Our zip +4 level of addresses are used in developing the geocodes for all of our new mover and new business “hotlists”.

We believe in providing our clients with geocoding batch data as an important enhancement tool for our new mover and new business “hotlists” supplying them with unique geocoding data that will grow their sales and profits.

By providing our clients the geocodes associated with each address, they can easily:

  • project the most profitable areas for mailing
  • pinpoint store locations and their proximity to potential customers
  • ascertain the distance to suppliers
  • locate competitors
  • develop delivery routes
  • identify service routes
  • identify service areas