hNew Homeowner Hotlisttlists

Being first in the door with our mail piece has been a plus in signing up new customers for our monthly service. I’m a loyal fan of "HOTLISTS!"

Pest Control

I recommend using the New Homeowner hotlist. The timely data has made big difference in our increased sales volume. Thanks!

Home Security System

The following businesses are successfully using our "new homeowner hotlist"

  • landscaping / lawn care
  • security system
  • pest control
  • interior design
  • housekeeping service
  • carpet cleaning
  • heating / air conditioning
  • insurance
  • banks

New Homeowner Hotlist

Find New Homeowners New homeowners are ready to buy goods and services for their new home. Each new homeowner “hotlist” real estate sales lead provides you homeowner data enriched selects to accurately target new homeowners that have just closed escrow. Our new homeowner “hotlist” mailing lists give you the competitive edge in delivering your valuable marketing message first before your competition. This means a higher response rate for your direct marketing mailings! SourceWhether it is short sale leads, mortgage or refinance leads our lists will help you grow.


The new homeowner hotlist file is updated with direct feeds from County Recorder and Tax Assessor offices plus proprietary data sources. The new homeowner hotlist file is the leading source in recording deed information first!

Homeowner Verification

Updated daily, over 100,000 new homeowners and refinances nationwide are recorded and verified weekly. All addresses are CASS certified for accurate delivery.

Quick New Homeowner Facts

  • New homeowners form their buying habits within the first 90 days following their move and spend more in the first 60 days than an established homeowner will spend in the next 2 years!
  • New homeowners are credit worthy and are seeking to establish loyalties making them ideal candidates for all home-related products and services, as well as, credit card offers and banking services!
  • New homeowners spend 20 times more on household products and services in the first 6 to 9 months then they will spend totally in the next five years.
  • The Premier Data Direct new homeowner "hotlist" provides a lucrative target market with valuable enhanced selects for all businesses looking to grow their customer base.
Homeowner Hotlist
  • first name
  • last name
  • full address
  • city
  • state
  • zip
  • zip+4
  • county
  • sale date
  • lender name (95% for refinance/ 71% new homeowner)
  • loan amount (in thousands 0100=100,000)
  • mortgage type (N =new homeowner, R=refinance)
  • publish date (date file sent)
  • seller (100% for new homeowners & refinance)
  • sale amount (in thousands 0100=100,000)
  • loan type (where available:FHA,VA,CNV,PP)
  • interest rate (where available)
  • fips code