hNew Movers Listtlists

I have a busy schedule so the online ordering available anytime is perfect for my business marketing.


I’m finding new patients using the new mover hotlist data. A simple mailer has helped grow my new practice.


The following businesses are successfully using our
"new mover hotlist"

  • retail stores
  • newspapers
  • banks
  • insurance agents
  • cable tv providers
  • telecommunication providers
  • health clubs
  • dentists / doctors / veterinarians
  • dry cleaners
  • restaurants
  • lawn care providers
  • auto dealers / repair

New Mover Marketing Lists


Find New Movers Both phone and mailing address are available for each new mover hotlist sales lead giving you complete coverage and flexibility to either phone or mail your valuable marketing message to both renters and homeowners. Using hotlist sales leads, you will be first in the door weeks and even months before your competition! The results? A higher response rate which translates into new customers for your marketing success!

Marketing List Source

The new movers database is updated daily with direct feeds from the Telephone Companies which are integrated into the Master Database in less than 24 hours of receipt. You will access the most current new mover data that is only days old with the newest listings on the market today! The new mover “hotlist” is gives you Nationwide coverage that is 99% complete. This gives you access to states and regions where new mover data is typically unavailable or difficult to obtain!

New Mover Verification

The file contains over 350,000 new listings to choose from each week with 100% phones and addresses. Approximately 70% of the new mover file contains single family residences. Additional phone lines, additional listings, and all duplicates have been removed. Plus, all records have been CASS certified and DPV verified for accurate deliverability. You can count on your marketing message being delivered to the right person whether you call or mail saving you time and money!

Quick New Mover Facts

  • 40% of new movers change their every day brands and create new buying habits. They are very open to both new products and services for both the home and garden. They are eager to become familiar with their new surrounding and the services that are available.
  • 20% of U.S. households move every year. (43million Americans = 1 in 4 adults)
  • New movers spend more during the first 3 months surrounding their move than non-movers spend in 5 years.
  • Over 15% of people moving are moving out-of-state.
Mover Hotlist
  • first name
  • last name
  • full address
  • city
  • state
  • zip
  • zip+4
  • phone number
  • connect date
  • dwelling type
  • latitude
  • longitude